Who is jay lyon dating 2016

12-Jul-2017 21:17

Just a few days after that, we reported that Whitney was spotted making out with Lipstick Jungle star Robert Buckley. Whitney Port has posted some thoughts on Monday's episode of The City on her official blog.

In "Mingling with the Commoners," plenty of tension (and more than a little class warfare) was in the air between Whitney, Olivia Palermo and Jay Lyon. Aspiring fashionista Whitney Port may be sufficiently blond and likable to pass as a reality TV star. That may be trouble, not only for Port's fledgling show, The City, a spinoff of the hugely successful The Hills, but for the whole documentary-soap genre that Lauren and her cohorts pioneered, according to the UK's Globe and Mail.

, Jay‘s roommate Adam basically kicked him out so he and his model girlfriend could play house without a third party hanging around. So that's all fine and good but after he broke up with Miranda, Brent/Jay briefly dated Tara Reid. All of the evidence was starting to point towards Brent/Jay being in opportunist.

Just when I was about to start feeling sorry for Whitney‘s boyfriend I got information letting me know that the Australian rocker dude isn't exactly who I thought he was. I was beginning to think that he was only using the show to further his career as the lead singer of his band Tamarama.

He was born Brent Tuhtan and he apparently consulted a professional name analyst to come up with a new moniker for him. At the bottom you'll see an article detailing the name make-over.She blogged, “The other night, Paige and I decided we wanted to do something nice for our family so we made them this whole elaborate dinner!We made Chicken Paillard on top of arugula and Parmesan salad with roasted veggies and garlic bread. ” UPDATE: Whitney is wearing Decolette Jeweled Leggings, available at Vionnet Unfortunately According to Whitney Port's TV boyfriend, Aussie rocker Jay Lyon, he is not dating the aspiring fashionista now, nor was he ever.

A pal tells us the Tamarama singer is embarrassed by the MTV show.

Whitney Port and Jay Lyon recently broke up, but are rumored to be back together (or at least spending time together) recently.