Vs 2016 disable updating intellisense

29-Jun-2017 09:26

Internally the Visual Studio IDE interacts with editor and the language parsers to create a list of tokens that are updated frequently.

In this process the background threads continuously update the Intellisense database.

There are a number of significant updates in this version that we hope you will like, some of the key highlights include: When VS Code is next launched after a Hot Exit, all workspaces/files that are backed up will be restored.

This also brings with it the ability to restore files if VS Code crashes, regardless of whether Hot Exit is enabled or disabled (via the setting).

This fix will be available in the next service pack (no date announced yet).

In the meanwhile, there’s actually a simple workaround.

Unfortunately, JScript Intelli Sense currently has difficulties processing the script and it’s not uncommon to see this message: I just wanted to let everyone know that we’ve investigated and fixed the issue.Intelli Sense errors do not equal compiler errors, and trying to “fix” them is fruitless.