Vista crashes while updating hp

18-Oct-2017 11:13

The hard drive in the Vista operating system is partitioned. It makes me mad bc sometimes they work and sometimes it doesnt. I cant even get youtube to work and I have high speed internet.This replaced your operating system disk from all previous operating systems as it is in a safe section of the hard drive out of the reach of viruses. Start at the first option and work your way down until the problem is solved. Its not an internet problem bc regular videos on my laptop wont play either.After cold boot, it would work fine until I had to take PC out of sleep mode again.I changed my power settings "computer/hard disks" to Never.Use the Windows Debugger to troubleshoot this error.Without the debugger, you are limited to uninstalling/updating/rolling back the driver that contains the driver file the Blue Screen mentions.

vista crashes while updating hp-59

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The Windows Debugger is a powerful tool with many useful applications, but for this article, we are only interested in its ability to analyze memory dump files generated by blue screen errors to determine the cause of the error.

This Blue Screen error indicates that a device driver-almost always a video card driver-is stuck waiting for something (usually a hardware operation) to happen.

Most of you have probably seen nv4_associated with this Blue Screen.

Interestingly, my disk usage dropped to zero when the problem occurred.

PC could not write or read from disk until I would cold boot the PC. I suspect my interface to the disk or the Vista 64 bit OS.If you look careful at the picture on the right, you'll see several non-standard additions to the right-click menu: "Send to Fax Recipient", "Scan with Norton Antivirus", "Text Pad" and "Winzip". the ion update from nvidia for my card would lock my machine right up.

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