Travis wall and ivan dating

19-Oct-2017 06:17

I think it’s terrible when a guy is dancing with a girl and the guy is dancing girlier than the girl. How did your part in — as choreographer — come about?

Adam Shankman hired me, but the best thing is that Jamal Sims, the supervising choreographer, brought me in as a choreographer.

He actually made me choreographer on this movie, and I haven’t even been an associate choreographer on a movie.

To get full credit on my first movie, I was so thankful.

Basically, when I’m dancing I feel like I can have chemistry with anyone I dance with.

I felt like the only time it was a little stressful was maybe when they interviewed me or… I never had to put on a front like that, but it’s true that I wanted to be in the top ten, and I wanted to go all the way closer to the top, and maybe it’s not necessary to come out and talk about that stuff when it’s a dance competition.

I love movies, because you get to show your point of view and get the shot that you want to get – and it’s a movie! Here I thought, “Oh, it’s a movie, we’ll have all time to choreographer this movie! I would love to create a visual show to Jason Mraz music. And if I ever got to work with Beyoncé — it’s a lifelong dream and I would probably freak out and shake my ass.

Ass shaking is probably part of the interview process.

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Travis, 23, has also been in the news recently because of some tweets he wrote to his boyfriend – his first public confirmation that he is gay. Here are some highlights: AE: Can we talk about who you’re dating these days? I had a boyfriend back when I was on the show, and I had some crazy things happen to me in the past four years with weird relationships. TW: I’ve never made a big statement like, “Oh I’m gay.” It’s like if you know you know, and I’ve never been afraid to say something on Twitter.

For guys, it’s different if you’re gay and can only dance gay.

It put me in a box, limiting me in ways I didn’t realize until recently.… continue reading »

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