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14-Oct-2017 04:58

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When I checked last night, the most recent comment said Campo Santo “took a stand” against Pew Die Pie over racism, and the highest-rated said the developer was “childish and thin-skinned” with no further explanation.

Valve is asking for a lot of off-platform detective work here, especially for the many people who barely know who Pew Die Pie is.

Valve outright admits that review sections aren’t a good place to hold certain conversations, and that better options exist.

(Games already have their own Steam discussion boards, for one thing.) But it invokes one of the internet’s most beloved principles by insisting that players should be generically allowed to “voice their opinions” and “have a discussion,” even when it’s irrelevant to a specific, structured forum.

In some idealized capitalist model, Valve would see review-bombing as a bug that made customers less satisfied and fix it out of pure self-interest.

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Are players no longer able to post reviews at all during that time?

If not, would-be bombers’ immediate fury would pass without incident.

Then, Valve demolishes this logic with a terrible justification.

Yesterday, Valve seemed like it was finally addressing that problem, posting a long explanation of a new review feature.

As it turns out, the company’s fix for review bombing is to foist responsibility on customers.

If customers have to stop and look up answers, they may as well ignore Steam and head straight to Google for reviews.

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