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Both interpretations have been proposed; but the second is far-fetched and decidedly improbable (cf.Mark ); while the first, though admissible, is less obvious and less natural than that which allows the implied question at least to remain: May sins be forgiven in the world to come?It is reasonable also to assume, in the absence of positive proof to the contrary, that this practice was maintained in later times, and that Christ and the Apostles were familiar with it; and whatever other evidence is available from Talmudic and other sources strongly confirms this assumption, if it does not absolutely prove it as a fact (see, v.g., Luckock, "After Death", v, pp. This is worth noting because it helps us to understand the true significance of Christ's silence on the subject — if it be held on the incomplete evidence of the Gospels that He was indeed altogether silent — and justifies us in regarding the Christian practice as an inheritance from orthodox Judaism.We have said that there is no clear and explicit Scriptural text in favour of prayers for the dead, except the above text of II Machabees.

This truth is the counterpart in the supernatural order of the natural law of human solidarity.And so betaking themselves to prayers, they besought him, that the sin which had been committed might be forgotten...