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Trying to manage namelists of that complexity by hand editing files is extremely error prone and is strongly discouraged.

User modifications to the default namelist settings can be made in a number of ways while still letting are all mechanisms by which the user can override default values or specify additional namelist variables and still allow build-namelist to do the error and consistency checking which makes the namelist creation process more robust.

Transfer points a,b,c…..l from displacement diagram. velocity during return stroke = = 3999.86mm/sec = 3.999m/sec Acceleration of the follower during outstroke = = = 359975mm/sec Displacement diagram: Same as previous case. (5) Draw the cam profile for following conditions: Follower type = roller follower, off set to the right of cam axis by 18mm; lift = 35mm; base circle radius = 50mm; roller radius = 14mm; out stroke with SHM in 0.05sec; dwell for 0.0125sec; return stroke with UARM, during 0.125sec; dwell for the remaining period. Mark points 1,2,3….direction opposite to the direction of cam rotation, on prime circle. draw perpendicular lines to the radials, representing flat faced followers.

Cam profile: Construction is same as previous case, except that the lines drawn from 1,2,3…. During return stroke, acceleration is 3/5 times retardation. velocity and acceleration during out stroke and return stroke if the cam rotates at 240 rpm. Therefore, time for one rotation = Angle of out stroke = Angle of first dwell = Angle of return stroke = Angle of second dwell = Since acceleration is 3/5 times retardation during return stroke, (from acceleration diagram) But Displacement diagram is constructed by selecting t. Draw another circle of radius equal to the distance between cam center and follower pivot point. Transfer points a,b,c…..l from displacement diagram. Starting from the first point of contact between follower and base circle, draw a smooth free hand curve, tangential to all successive follower positions. (10) Draw the cam profile for following conditions: . The base circle diameter of the cam is 50mm and the push rod has a roller of 60mm diameter, fitted to its end.

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If the configuration is for an SPMD build, then no attempt to run the tests will be made. The executables on these machines are produced by cross compilation and hence the configure script is not able to determine the machine for which the build is intented.

Take the line joining cam center and pivot point as reference and draw lines indicating successive angular displacements of cam. With these points as centers and radius equal to length of follower arm, draw arcs, cutting the prime circle at 1,2,3…. The axis of the roller and the cam fall on the same vertical line.