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During the same period Swift experimented by moving cut meat using a string of ten boxcars with their doors removed, and made a few test shipments to New York during the winter months over the Grand Trunk Railway (GTR). The interior of a typical ice-bunker reefer from the 1920s.

The wood sheathing was replaced by plywood within twenty years.

Milk cars (and other types of "express" reefers) may or may not include a cooling system, but are equipped with high-speed trucks and other modifications that allow them to travel with passenger trains.

His father was Joseph Earl and his mother, Adelia Chaffee. He established the Continental Fruit Express and invested US,000,000 in refrigerator cars.In response, Swift financed the initial production run on his own, then — when the American roads refused his business — he contracted with the GTR (a railroad that derived little income from transporting live cattle) to haul the cars into Michigan and then eastward through Canada.In 1880 the Peninsular Car Company (subsequently purchased by ACF) delivered the first of these units to Swift, and the Swift Refrigerator Line (SRL) was created.A refrigerator car (or "reefer") is a refrigerated boxcar (U.

S.), a piece of railroad rolling stock designed to carry perishable freight at specific temperatures.In the 1870s, the lack of a practical means to refrigerate peaches limited the markets open to Samuel Rumph, a Georgia peach grower.