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My name is Meg, and I am a 24 year old high school teacher who lives in the beautiful town of York, Maine, with my boyfriend Andy (who is known as Faux (pronounced "fox" like his last name) here, but I think as of right now he is still just a lurker), his 2 1/2 year old son Noah, a cockatiel named Zazu and a hamster named Obi.

I have been on this forum since the second day of it's existence, and have loved just about every single last second of it.

I also enjoy horseback riding, reading, softball (I coached our Varsity team last year, and we won the Western Maine state championship), the BEACH (!!!

But even though I'm a slytherin, I'm still partial to Lupin and, as of late, in appreciation of the hijinx of the Weasley twins. I think that's all....oh, and I was on EZ as Bondvillain2k.

I've been away for a while (unintentionally through a medical problem) but now back ready for lots of Harry Pee. *drums fingers impatiently on desk* Moony's Heir - Aug 29, 2003 pm (#13 of 2004) Hi everyone,some of you know me as Godriclupin , I am entirely new to this forum as I joined in the EZboard.

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