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17-Nov-2017 21:20

Verification kills the scalability of a dating site.

According to a New Yorker article (registration required) from last year, “Jiayuan hired a team of document experts to hunt for forgeries and ferret out suspicious activity, such as a user who makes frequent adjustments to his name and birth date.” Creating this capability is a much bigger problem for an American site than for a Chinese site (and, to a lesser extent, a Korean site) given differences in labor costs.

This showed the recipient that the sender’s interest was sincere.

The experiment worked, in that invitations sent with virtual roses were more likely to turn into a date. I’ve heard people in both the online dating industry and the online job board industries give two answers to this.

This incident intensified Jiayuan’s more general reputational problems due to lying on its site.

So Jiayuan developed a means for people to verify the claims they make on their profiles.

Though a site needs to add more servers as it grows, scaling is a relatively easy and low cost proposition if customers start arriving in large numbers.

But verifying individual users’ height, income, education, and the like has to be done customer-by-customer.

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A company has to design the site, the user interface, and the matching algorithm.

Perhaps cultural differences made it harder to break down that mindset in some countries, forcing websites to work harder on verification and building trust with their clients.

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