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Were you nervous about how you’d be received when you first reunited? And maybe the reason we didn’t think about if 5000, or 50,000 people, would show up at the shows. I imagine that’s true and that you don’t get intimidated easily; you were the guy who spent a summer sitting in for Bill Ward when Ozzy and Black Sabbath reunited for the Ozzfest in 1997. The Sabbath thing, for me…I played Black Sabbath songs for years as part of Ozzy’s sets. I try to keep things pure and honest, and what I mean by that is, I just take my best swing, but I don’t look and see where the ball goes. I saw the Guns/Metallica show at Giants Stadium in New Jersey. We had just done six weeks in Europe with Guns N Roses.

I like what I do, I like the music I play and I like f—in’ playing it. On the ’97 Ozzfest, we did an Ozzy show, and then Sabbath came out and did a set. And the only way I can really do that is to not trip on the fallout. These are people who I put as a very, very close second to Jimi Hendrix. [note: Clufetos replaced Bordin in Ozzy’s band, and also was the drummer on Black Sabbath’s recent tour.] Tommy did great! I saw Black Sabbath with Tommy a couple of times, and they were great. Patton, in particular, seemed uncomfortable at that show. We were in the middle of the bill, and Soundgarden played before us. People were appreciating the new , Metallica’s biggest album.

It has, after all, been 18 years since the band’s previous release, 1997’s , the group’s seventh studio album, is finally out and available.

That shocked reaction to this new album is also the same fans had to the band’s 2009 reunion tour.

~ : I have to say, I was shocked when I heard you guys were going to do a new album. When we decided to do some shows, we wanted to see how it felt, to just be around each other and play music together, and we had no idea if we would even like doing that.

I didn’t think that that would ever happen, even after the reunion tour. I’m not coloring this in any way, I’m just answering honestly.

But while the tour appeared to be a one-off, the recording of an album seems a more definitive statement that the group has returned to active duty.Generally, most of the people who I meet, I find I like!

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Working out with your partner is also a great way to squeeze in some extra time together—plus, "since you're usually wearing less clothing, it's an easy way to check out your partner's body and get turned on." 3. Kerner suggests saying you had a sexy dream about your partner, which will help alleviate any fears of judgment or embarrassment. Lin has recommended that some of his patients text or instant-message each other their sexual fantasies in order to get comfortable with the idea of sharing. "Put yourself through the motions; your body will catch up with you quickly." 9. It's easy to fall into the same role you always take in the bedroom. "We're visual creatures, so buying a different kind of lingerie or doing your hair differently will create a sense of newness," says Nelkin. "People sometimes think that if they masturbate while they're in a relationship they're somehow cheating on their partner or their partner isn't satisfying them. … continue reading »

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