Mika brzezinski joe scarborough dating

10-Oct-2017 16:54

“We found out that Donald Trump was actually Melania Trump,” Scarborough said. Off the record,” she joked, “they were having so much sex I had to put them in separate pens.” Donald Fluffy Trump was renamed Melania, and Ducky was renamed Donald Fluffy Trump, but the tangle of furry confusion continued.“The rabbit comes to my house, and my little, tiny black rabbit … “I still honestly think they go both ways,” Brzezinski said.Brzezinski was skeptical, but Scarborough insisted Donald Fluffy Trump kept scratching him, and so he banished it from his home in Connecticut (where there was a cat, Oliver Meatball Scarborough; a dog, Scout; and four chickens: Napoleon, Sal, Iris, and S. S.) to live at hers, the land-bound Noah’s Ark of Westchester, where there were two dogs (Cajun and Hobson); two cats (Elle and Emma); 11 chickens (Pierre, Olivia, Donna, Nugget, Gina, Baby Bumba, Tammy, Jeremih, Graham, Esther, and Marta); and another rabbit they sometimes called Ducky.It was when Ducky met Donald Fluffy Trump that it first became clear nothing was quite what it seemed. I’m like, ‘Uh-oh,’ because Ducky, at that point, was on top of what we thought was Donald.Brzezinski is five-foot-six and the unusually even color of a vizsla puppy, her blinding hair a cross between Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy’s and Polly Pocket’s.Together, they achieve a kind of strange aesthetic perfection — the decorative figurines topping the bunny cake that is political media in Trump’s America.

“He watches, says he doesn’t watch, and then he freaks out with what he sees,” Scarborough told me.

But they are genuinely emotional when they discuss him on air, though with contrasting perspectives: Scarborough remains confident that the American system will ultimately survive and defeat what he sees as the threat from Trump, while Brzezinski, a Democrat who often calls Trump’s behavior and statements “disgusting,” worries that the entire republic could vanish within his term.