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Hence of course Singapore girls have seen, experienced and are influnced by more versatile and up-to-date culture." (Ash) "Singaporean and Malaysian city girls are pretty much alike ler..just that Malaysia is a bigger country with small towns, villages as well and a bigger female population. Straight girls do not dress up as lesbians just to confuse you, and unlike somewhere like Sydney, it is not cool for straight men to pretend to be gay.

Thus girls in Msia vary more." (Chriszie) "Being Malaysian - Ipoh girl looks cute and sexy too just like Michelle yeo, mann. " (Kaz) "All these talk about Singapore girls sets me into a deep mode of thoughts....about 20 years ago... Fortunately for me, complexity is not a national trait in Malaysia... Malaysian girls aren't totally adept at throwing on airs, like the girls in the west (or Japan). You could end up in jail doing something like that.

The Chinese dominate the business community and live in urban areas, while ethnic Malays generally inhabit rural areas.

Meeting and Greeting Adapted from material compiled by Window on the World, a cross-cultural training and consulting firm.

Some of the responses included: "Suppose that girl was kinda right.

you did sound like you were pretty keen on dating singaporean girls. (Jetyr) "Hey dude, you forgot one important thing: In Singapore, Oral sex is illegal unless it is used as a form of foreplay.

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I mean not EVERY Singaporean girl will be likeable as those you've met.

Malaysian blogger Kennysia blew up a storm a few years ago when he betrayed his countrywomen by writing a post called .

Kennysia's post generated plenty of criticisms and comments.

Ethnic tensions exist between Malays (60%) and Chinese (31%) over preferential quotas.

Chinese feel these policies make them second-class citizens; Malays support these policies, which they feel are their only way to overcome traditional dominance.Whether you want to make long lasting friendships or just to pass time, Tamil chat is the ideal one stop place for you to do so!