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Through archaeological research completed by our campus, we now have deeper appreciations of the Late Woodland society’s 2,500-year effort of monumental earthworks covering thousands of square miles of what is now Wisconsin.We are also beginning to further understand and acknowledge the “Old Copper Culture” of the Great Lakes dating back 6,000 years.To complete the metadata forms online, first click on the required form, then at ‘File Download’ choose ‘Save’ and save the form to your desktop.


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On an early morning run, you’ll see people practicing or singing opera. There are several important sites in this area, including the National Library, the Capitol Indoor Museum, Banknote Printing and Mint Museum, and just to the east of the park, the Zoo and Aquarium. This can be combined with Yuyuantan (Jade Lake) Park, which is located 3–4km to the south, and has some 6k of trails.Energy markets are changing at greater rates than experienced for several decades, driven by the rise of renewables including solar power, smart meters, the smart grid, more data, the internet and, in gas, improved extraction technology.This is an environment of change and uncertainty unfamiliar to most who work in and around the electricity and gas markets.The Project and Location forms are referred to as metadata forms.

Their purpose is to provide information that characterizes data to answer who, what, when, where, why, and how about upcoming data results.

6 (as of Wednesday, May 31), behind Lake of the Woods, Haliburton Highlands, the Kawarthas (all in Ontario) and Sunshine Coast in B. According to the USA Today website, they asked Canadian travel writers to nominate their favourite cottage regions in Canada, and out of the 20 nominated regions across the country, they are now asking the public to pick a winner.