Jap video chat

12-Jan-2018 19:43

The Kana material I had waited to use is not so ideal for absolute beginner conversations, so I had to go to my Romaj focused phrasebook, learn to say much more, and then hop on Skype, and something really cool happened: I was able to keep my end of the conversation 100% in Japanese!! One issue I had in Arabic was a slow start (due to moving around so much), and I didn't transition into Arabic only mode on Skype until in the sessions.

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The examples were better, but the app kept crashing for me.

I found the system on Memrise to present it very well, and like any phonetic script, you can learn it in a few hours.

Since I had to wrap up the introduction Monday blog post, and add some things to the video, I was quite distracted that first day, so I only had about two hours of solid studying for Hiragana, but this was more than enough to absorb it and practise texts.

This day I went on to learn Katakana – the second phonetic system used more for foreign words (of which there are LOTS in Japanese!!

) I learned this slower and less efficiently, even though they aren't complicated, and there is the same number as in Hiragana; the Memrise deck I tried to use was not good because it seemed to be mixing up Hiragana with Katakana and kept showing Kana I had already learned.

しょにちに ついて の 、もっと くわしい せつめい と 、 さいしょ の いつかかん の ようす は 、ここ を クリック する と ブログアップデート で み て いただけ ます 。 For a much more detailed explanation of my first day, and my first five days learning Japanese, please click to see the blog post here!

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