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19-Dec-2017 22:09

That's all in addition to the fact that he has somehow — by sheer force of will — opened and kept alive clubs that served as some of the only safe spaces for LGBT people to congregate and socialize in the days when gay people were openly and proudly hated.

These clubs continue to work as a crucial melting pot of gay and straight, now that attitudes have changed.

"We had a gay club here in Little Rock in the basement of the Grady Manning [Hotel]," he said. You could be stopped on the street, especially if you were going into the bars.

We had one here and one in Hot Springs, and you would be jeered at, people would get out of their cars and throw stuff at you. When I was in the military, that kind of thing didn't happen in Washington, D.

Though Jones said modern drag has become more like performance art, with wild outfits and makeup that can be as intricate as having a portrait painted on your face, success in drag in his day was largely judged by one thing: How well can you carry off the illusion of being a woman?

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C., helping carry the banner for Arkansas with friends who are now all dead; who bankrolled, often out of his own pocket, some of the first outreach and financial assistance to Arkansans dying with AIDS.

C." After he got out of the military, Jones returned home to Hot Springs and took a job with the state in the Employment Security Division.

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