Eddie redmayne and clemence poesy dating

21-Jan-2018 08:05

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And it's made that much more heightened by the fact that it's not something he's ever experienced before."Were there any nerves on your part, given that is such a well-loved novel?

"It's totally lovely to have this conversation now, having done it!

Two years ago, I shot [historical mini-series] in Budapest - it was a big part, but I had a lot of time to sit around and visit cafés.

Here, it was literally the hotel and the set - that was it."It was so full-on and I was so knackered that watching it was a bit of a revelation.

We went out one night early on and got pretty pissed together - we went through our disastrous moments in various love lives, and it was quite a good way of getting to trust each other!

When you're that exposed, basically spending quite a lot of time half-naked on top of each other, you need to have some trust!

What's so interesting is, when he meets Isabelle (Poésy), there's this visceral feeling - not only a sexual need, but also a want of companionship.The television adaptation differs from the novel in many respects, completely omitting the section set in the 1970s.The story is told in flashbacks, with Stephen Wraysford's (Eddie Redmayne) experiences in World War I alternating with his memories of his affair with Isabelle Azaire (Clémence Poésy), a young married woman whom he met before the war when he was staying in her husband's house to learn about business.My character goes through so many different levels - grief, loss - and they're all different types of grief."Stephen's got to be strong, but still - when does one become immune to death?

And then it's the same with sex and passion - it begins as something carnal, and then it moves into something playful."You essentially shot two feature films and it's heavy subject matter - was it an intense filming experience?

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