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When buying a new car, Jess creates a male alter-ego named "Jeff Day" to deal with Billy (Ian Roberts), a sexist salesman.Schmidt and Cece become worried that Winston's newest girlfriend Rhonda (Sonequa Martin-Green), is way too much into pulling pranks, and wanting Winston to revoke his plus one invitation for her to come to their wedding.When Nick and Winston are unable to make decisions on anything, Reagan puts pressure on them to decide among themselves on who should have sex with her.While searching for the perfect wedding venue, Schmidt and Cece run into his old college bully Benjamin (David Neher) and his fiancée Mimi (Angela Trimbur).While Cece packs up her things, she begins to have second thoughts about marrying Schmidt.Winston becomes tired of hearing Aly talk about her boyfriend, so he is given a new partner named Dunston (Sam Richardson), who has similar interests as him, but is way more incompetent.Jess has a sex dream about Nick, which involved an old Chicago Bears helmet that Nick gave her when they dated.This is especially stressful for Jess as she is about to meet Sam's parents.

Jess becomes overwhelmed by the workload given by her new principal Becky Cavatappi (Elizabeth Berkley Lauren), while also helping Cece move out of her apartment to move into the loft with Jess and the guys.Nick has a hard time being comfortable around Reagan, so he spends a lot of his time in the loft in Schmidt's room, even during the time that Schmidt wants to have sex with Cece.