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05-Nov-2017 16:19

Is this behavior common or at all typical among Korean girls?

I haven't had any relationship experience with Korean girls outside of this one so I'd like to understand if there is some cultural dating nuance that I'm missing.

Or am I just dealing with a foolish and thoughtless girl?

Also any advice on how I can get her to respond again and/or put an end to these goofy games would be awesome. I am an American , I fell in Love with a Korean woman and we have been dating for about a year and 4 mo . :) I've had a relationship with a Korean guy and lasts only for a month.. We get along so well, to the point that we decided to get married so fast..

I wanted to move into a Townhouse which was a low move in then save for a house to buy later . I was in a bad relationship before and it put me in debt and it took me a year to get out of it . Her sister found a new place and she did not want to go with her so this added more pressure on me to find a place . She had one week to go , so she wanted to come live with me for a month before her daughter got home . He told me frankly that he was annoyed by my mood swings and that I don't understand his situation.

For some reason I said it wouldn't be a good Idea because her commute to work would be 2 hours and it would be uncomfterabe with my roommate and son there . I called her and tried to reason with her but she said I was selfish and was not there for her even though I changed my mind I tried for a month to fix this by apologizing and then she said that she didn't Love me anymore and has moved on in her heart . She has always wanted thing her way , been stubborn , and has been cold to me in the past . And worst than that, he emailed me saying, better to end our relationship .

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then i corrected him saying not ttoday, NEXT WEEK but he still was like im busy today can u plz ask me next time once more?? However,from what i heard ,he never love a girl before, that destroys my hope,obviously . I am tall (5´6 ft) , weight 113 lb, long dark brown hair, skin very white ( that says the people who know me ) big eyes but have the form of almond and are dark brown too, small mouth color pale red and some people said that I look like a little more asian that latin. She mentioned to me earlier on that she never told her father that she was dating me (who is not Korean).

So this year, the best of the worst questions will be done in a series.

First up: all the heartbroken lovers pining for a Korean. I have a few Korean pen palls, I have shown them my pictures, they all say I am Beautiful.

Our resident love-in-Japan writer, Sara Who, answers your questions on everything from dating rules to finding a partner for love, marriage and more. We’ve been on a couple of dates so far, which have been really fun, but on our last date I casually asked her how she felt about me and she told me: “I love you.” I was kind of shocked, to be honest.

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I’m a German guy here on a work exchange and just recently started dating a girl.She has, at least four different times, suddenly and inexplicably stopped communicating. I've known this girl for a significant period of time and our relationship is more than just a foreigner trying to score with a Korean chick.