Chinese concept of dating and marriage

13-Jan-2018 18:50

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"It is for my wedding," he answered in a low voice. Her role in getting me launched on this topic is warmly acknowledged.

Footnote #2: The research on which this paper is based began in the context of a directed reading course with Julie ROELOF, an undergraduate student, in which she and I jointly read and discussed some of the English ethnographic literature on Chinese matchmaking tried to develop some general statements about it.

S., women call men “My dear”; In China, women call husband “Damn”. American women do not deliberately ask his man to be kind to her; In China, women will say to men: Look, how good American men treat their wife. American women always feel grateful to the man who is kind to her; Chinese women think it is natural that men should be kind to them, or else they may think you are taking advantage of her. In the United States, after sexual love mostly she does not know how much money is in your pocket; In China, if a woman feels that you are a pauper, she doesn’t even say “hello” to you. American women will enjoy acceleration fun in your luxury BMW car; While Chinese women sitting in your BMW car will belittle Buick car on the side. American women do not refuse men who try to get close to her; Chinese women think that the men who try to get close to her must have some special purpose and want to take advantage of her or behave like a hooligan.

S., if you meet above-mentioned Chinese women, they must marry a useless American man and then write how happy her marriage is; In China, if you come across a Chinese woman who is like above-described American woman, she must be the gem, and you should cherish her.

Women aren’t willing to do the same though, with 84 percent saying they wouldn’t want to be a spare tire.

With all this talk of conditions and contracts, you might think that dating for love doesn’t have a chance in China.

Reference will be made to all of these sources in the course of our discussion.

According to a poll by relationship website Zhen’ai, Chinese have a very specific set of parameters for their potential soul mate. Although Chinese society emphasizes equality between men and women, what’s fair for the workforce is not the case between husbands and wives.In addition, the punctuation and capitalization isn’t consistent with common use in book titles, and the “Care about me” (which I assume is a translation of the characters directly above it) is an odd phrase in English which doesn’t convey romance.