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10-Aug-2017 07:22

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She merely approached, stood off to the side, and looked around the pond. and a better view” (2013) to provide perspectives on love, marriage, divorce and everything in between.

She didn’t even come prepared with her fishing rod.

The Plenty of Fish website, which counts its membership at 55 million people worldwide, is to scrap its "intimate encounters" function after it became apparent that many of its female users were not what they seemed.

Markus Frind, the founder of the site Plenty of Fish, said he had taken radical action after complaints of harassment by women, and the discovery that many of its female profiles were bogus.

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Do you find this sort of dating profile photography alluring? Here's a selection of the fishy photos all the same, because your decisions should be informed:1. Going to find new ponds would take her outside of her comfort zone.