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19-Sep-2017 06:25

Their goal is to help children maximize their potential and to work together as a team to find effective and practical solutions for both individual and family needs.

We still know very little about how this segment of our population uses the internet, and almost nothing about their use of video communications; research on how older citizens are using online video, video calls and videoconferencing – technologies that offer rich opportunities for social connection – is almost non existent.

Our case study focuses on how and why 16 citizens aged 55 and older in a small Canadian city are regularly using video communications, such as online video, video calls and videoconferencing.

We conducted quantitative and qualitative analyses to explore their motivation for using video communications, the barriers and challenges they face, and the benefits they experience – in particular social presence.

This booklet tells the advantages to an employer in being inclusive.

If you run a business or know someone who does, please check this out and share this link.With this construct, we are reminded that all users, regardless of age, have political, economic, social, and community rights and responsibilities that can be extended to the new information and communication spaces created by information and communication technologies (ICT). However, like its design and marketing, most research on ICT has been youth-focused and ageist (Cutler, 2005).